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Interlaken Mutual Water Company

The Interlaken Mutual Water Company, Inc. (IMWC), is a not-for-profit corporation owned and operated by its shareholders. For every lot owned, there is one share of the corporation and one vote. The corporation’s Board of Directors comprises from three to nine directors who serve for two-year terms. These positions are not salaried. The directors share in planning and budgeting for maintenance of the water system and roads, delivery of water, and administration. The board members elect the officers from amongst their group.



Interlaken Mutual Water Company's annual fee, $1,200 for 2015, funds the repayment of a loan used to build our current water system, the maintenance of that water system and our roads, snow removal, and administrative expenses of the corporation. This fee is billed in January each year and is due 30 days after submittal. Water meters are read twice a year, at the end of May and October, and the usage is averaged over the intervening months. You will be billed for excess usage if your usage exceeds the allowed average of 10,000 gallons for the October-through-May and June-through-September periods.


Annual Meetings

IMWC annual meetings are usually held in September, the first Friday after Labor Day. Details will be provided in August. 



You can view our 2015 Interlaken Estates newsletters by clicking here.


Current Governing Documents


IMWC By Laws    


Interlaken Estates CCR's

Codes, Covenants, Restrictions


Interlaken Town

Click here for information about our progress toward becoming

an incorporated municipality.


Parking Guidelines

See accompanying file: IMWC Parking Guidelines



P.O. Box 399, Midway, UT 84049

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