Community Fire Planning - FFSL Agreement

Interlaken Town has entered in an agreement with the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands (FFSL) to "cooperatively discharge their joint responsibilities for protecting non-federal land from wildland fire."

A critical part of this agreement requires individual property owners to track the time and money they spend improving Interlaken Town's fire prevention and firefighting capability.


The town has an annual "Chipper Day" in which lot owners can pile burnable fuel removed from their property in front of their lot and the town will chip and dispose of that material. Please keep track of the time or money you spend on clearing burnable material from your property, as this will be submitted to FFSL as part of this agreement.  A photographic record of before and after may also be useful.

If any other improvements are made to your home, such as installing a metal roof, or other modifications that would improve fire safety, please track the costs and time spent on such a project.

Sue O'Nan (435-671-1570) will be responsible for tracking and submitting hours and money spent on improving the town's fire safety. Please contact Sue or the Interlaken Town Clerk (435-565-3812) for more information.

Fire Safety Handouts

The Wasatch County Fire District held an informative meeting on May 9, 2019. The following handouts were distributed at the meeting: