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In case of a Water Emergency

  • If there is an active water emergency, contact the Interlaken Water Masters:

Brady Probst

Water Master

Trent Davis

Water Master

  • In addition, contact the Interlaken Town Clerk and Mayor:

Bart Smith


Greg Harrigan


  • Interlaken Town also provides information and instructions for active emergencies on this website.  Click Emergency Alerts to access.

Interlaken Town Water System Information

Interlaken Town operates its own water system, distributing water to all properties within the Interlaken Town borders.

The water source is two wells located 20 feet apart that take water from the same aquifer. The existing system, built in the 1970s, consists of two pumps, run one at a time to fill the storage tank. In 2004 the new storage tank was constructed with a capacity of approximately 400,000 gallons. The water is gravity fed through 8-inch or 12-inch lines throughout the neighborhood. There are fire hydrants in the system. The system is closely monitored and maintained by our two Interlaken Town Water Masters, Brady Probst and Trent Davis. Brady and Trent rotate their schedules to provide continuous service to the town.

The town invoices all lot owners annually in January for water usage in the middle of the current fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). There is an annual base rate for usage of 10,000 gallons per month. Additional overage charges apply to usage beyond the base allowance. The water rates are set by the town council. Here are the Current Water Rates.

For a report showing historical water usage by lot# and street address, Click Here>>>.

The town instituted a Water Forgiveness Program in 2020 to assist lot owners with large overages due to undetected leaks. For more information about this program Click Here>>>.

For billing issues and other questions about the water system, contact the town clerk at or 435-565-3812.

To view the monthly Bac-T sampling reports and the annual Consumer Confidence Reports for the Interlaken Water System, click on Water Reports.

 Water System Source Protection Documents

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