Building & Construction

Permit Application & Fees

Choose the application below that describes your project: New Building or Remodel (remodel includes additions or demolition) or Right of Way Work Agreement (for road cuts and other modifications in the ROW) or Site Disturbance Permit (for excavation and landscaping).

If you haven't already, review the Interlaken Permit Process to determine if your project requires a permit and what is required with your application.



Submit your completed application and a check made out to Interlaken Town for the Interlaken fees.


Upload a digital plan set to the Interlaken Town Dropbox. Contact the town clerk at to set up an account.



Upon preliminary review, TO Engineers will establish their fees for plan review and inspections. The town will collect those fees and TO Engineers will then issue a building permit.

Note that Interlaken Town and TO Engineers charge separate application, plan review, and inspection fees. In addition, TO charges hourly fees for work outside their normal review and inspection process.