Interlaken Government

Planning Commission

Planning Commission meetings are generally held the 3rd Monday of the month, 6:00pm, at the Town Pump House, 236 Luzern Rd.

Commission Meeting Schedule - 2020

Planning Commission Members

Elizabeth Hora-Cook, Alternate Member

Susanna Littell, Chair

Diana Duer, Member

Bob Marshall, Alternate Member

Next Scheduled Planning Commission Meeting Materials

Steve Wilson, Member

Planning Commission Contact Email:

        02/18/20                  Tuesday           

        04/27/20                   Monday           

        06/16/20                   Tuesday                        5:30 PM             

        07/21/20                   Tuesday                        6:00 PM             

        08/10/20                   Monday                        5:30 PM             

        09/23/20                   Wednesday                  6:00 PM             

                              October Meeting Cancelled