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Past IMWC Newsletters

News and Notices

March 4th 2015

Lawrence Headley

President, IMWC Board of Directors


Interlaken Town Election. As I noted to you in my January 29 newsletter to you, on June 23 of this year we will have our first election of our town council members. It will be our most important election, as our first council will make very important decisions regarding our governance--about municipal codes, code enforcement, and how we will raise the funds needed to operate (taxes, flat fees, or a mix of both) . To this end, we need candidates. Several of you have expressed interest. I do hope several more will consider candidacy for a council seat or mayor (who is also a council member). Please contact me ( or the Board ( I, as well as the other Directors, would like to hear from you. Click here to view full Newsletter.

Alert! Thefts, Break-ins

March 3rd 2015

Lawrence Headley

President, IMWC Board of Directors


Recent break-ins and thefts in our community. The Stuckys (347 Luzern Dr.)report that thieves stole a copper rain chain and copper bowl from their for porch recently. They also report that their neighbors found that a house near theirs had been broken into, and that at another nearby home the garage had been opened and the home’s windows tampered with. These homes are directly across Luzern from the Stucky’s home. The Stuckys have filed a report with the County Sheriff’s Department. Click here to view full Newsletter.

Second Milestone for Interlaken Town

January 29th 2015

Lawrence Headley

President, IMWC Board of Directors


I am pleased to note we have reached a second milestone on our way to becoming an incorporated municipality. The first was the success of our November ballot measure to incorporate Interlaken Estates as a municipality. The second is that the Wasatch County Clerk has issued a Public Notice this week in The Wave, announcing that our Special Election will be held June 23, 2015 to elect our Interlaken Town Council. For this first election, the Wasatch County Clerk will be our election official and will guide us through the process.

Click here to view full Newsletter.

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