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WELCOME to the Interlaken Town website. We are in the process of updating our site and will add more content over time. You'll find a variety of information about Interlaken by clicking menu items at the top of the window as well as the icons just above. Please use the form below to contact us with your questions or comments.

The homes in our area have the most spectacular views of any housing area within the Heber Valley, our neighborhood and nearby Midway being known as Little Switzerland. We have a diverse group of fun loving people from various parts of the world, who have chosen to make Interlaken Estates their home.


Recreation opportunities abound. We are within 10 minutes of the Mayflower Gondola, serving downhill skiing in Deer Valley. Park City, Sundance and The Canyons are about 20 minutes away. We have cross-country skiing and tubing at our world-class venue, Soldier Hollow. We are in close proximity to major water-sport areas such as Deer Creek and Jordanelle reservoirs, not to mention the blue-ribbon fishing of the Provo River. Opportunities for hiking and mountain biking in the 23,000-acre Wasatch Mountain State Park, which wraps around behind us, are steps away. The State Park also features four 18-hole golf courses. With the restaurants of Park City and Sundance nearby and a number of excellent restaurants in our valley as well, the food gourmet should be very comfortable here, indeed.


Best of all, the wildlife, is right out the door.


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Res. No. 2023-02-07 Adoption Policies and Procedures Manual
Res. No. 2023-10-03 Cancelling 2023 Municipal Election
Res. No. 2023-01-03 Amended Fee Schedule
Res. No. 2015-2 Joining Mountainland Association
Res. No. 2015-10-05A Water Revenue Bond Parameters
Res. No. 2016-01-04A Water Revenue Bond Final
Res. No. 2016-05-09 Establishing Fee Schedule
Res. No. 2016-07-03A Establishing Fines for Fireworks and Open Fires
Res. No. 2016-07-03B Establishing Fines for Short Term Rentals
Res. No. 2016-07-03C Assigning Enforcement Authority
Res. No. 2017-05-08A Establishing Lot Ownership Transfer Fee
Res. No. 2017-05-08B Adoption of Mountainland Pre-Disaster Hazard Mitigation Plan
Res. No. 2017-05-08C Establishing Variance & Appeal Request Fee
Res. No. 2017-09-12A Cancellation of 2017 Interlaken Municipal Election
Res. No. 2017-11-06 Fee Resolution Amendment
Res. No. 2018-08-13A Amending Fees
Res. No. 2018-08-13B Amending Title 06 Town Streets
Res. No. 2018-10-01A GRAMA Request Fees
Res. No. 2018-10-01B Amended Fee Schedule
Res. No. 2019-10-14 Cancellation of 2019 Interlaken Municipal Election
Res. No. 2020-03-02A Amendment Establishing Transfer Fees
Res. No. 2020-03-02B Establishing a Water Forgiveness Program
Res. No. 2020-04-01A Establishing GRAMA Procedures and Fees
Res. No. 2020-04-01B Fee Resolution Amendment and Replacement
Res. No. 2020-05-19A Amending Fines for Short Term Rentals
Res. No. 2020-05-19B Amended Fee Schedule
Res. No. 2021-09-07 Cancellation of 2021 Municipal Election
Res. No. 2022-09-06B Water Source Protection Plan Adoption
Res. No. 2022-09-06A 2022 MAG Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan Adoption
Res. No. 2022-05-02 Establishing Administrative Fee for Water Billing
Res. No. 2022-03-07B Amendment Establishing Transfer Fees
Res. No. 2022-03-07A Establishing Town Administrator Position
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